Province Retreat

As we come together to form the new Jesuits West Province, we are called to respond to General Congregation 36's call to be "Companions on a Mission of Justice and Reconciliation" with renewed vigor and a discerning spirit.

Our annual Province Retreat, August 2-9, will be facilitated by Fathers Tom Lamanna, Chi Ngo, and Mark Ravizza. This is an opportunity for us to prayerfully reflect on how Christ is calling us during this graced moment in our history.

Our days of prayer will be loosely structured around the dynamic of the Spiritual Exercises. Every day a short presentation will explore some aspect of the Exercises in conjunction with texts and stories from the recent General Congregation. We will especially be guided by three questions that Pope Francis encouraged the Society to consider during the Congregation:

  1. Is our mission rooted in consolation and joy?
  2. How are we letting ourselves be moved by our Lord placed on the cross?
  3. How are we doing good led by the good spirit, thinking with the Church?

Entering into these days of silence, our hope is that we might listen deeply to where the Spirit is leading us, both individually and collectively, so we might better collaborate together in the mission of the new Jesuits West Province.

Each day, by 4 p.m., we will post to this webpage a video recording of the daily morning presentation. Be sure to tune in beginning August 3 for the first presentation and everyday thereafter until the retreat concludes.

August 8, 2017


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August 3, 2017


Jesuit Retreat Center of Los Altos
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