Vision, Mission & Values Statement for Jesuits West


To be a community of Jesuits and apostolic partners formed by the Gospel and the Spiritual Exercises to expand Jesus' ministry of healing, reconciling and teaching in service of the diverse peoples of the West.


To invite all people to experience the transformative power of God's love through our educational, pastoral and social ministries.


  • Responding with intellectual rigor to the most challenging issues of our times.
  • Employing lgnatian discernment in decision-making.
  • Caring for the poor, the vulnerable and the earth, our common home.
  • Serving the Church with creativity and with fidelity to our Jesuit tradition.
  • Bridging societal divides and fostering understanding among diverse peoples and cultures.
  • Collaborating regionally, through partnerships and in networks, to serve the people of God.

Commitments and Missioning Priorities

Commitments in All Apostolic Settings

All Jesuits and apostolic partners are asked to do the following:

  • Cultivate intellectual depth and apply lgnatian discernment to decision-making, charisms distinctive to our way of proceeding.
  • Develop personal relationships with the poor to deepen our vocations and to better respond, individually as well as institutionally, to their needs.
  • Leverage our institutions and networks of relationships in favor of the poor and the vulnerable.
  • Serve as bridges between peoples who are estranged due to cultural, political or socio­ economic differences.
  • Care for the earth, our common home, with institutions and Jesuit communities using their resources to advance environmental justice.

To our Apostolic Partners:

  • We invite you to discern with us how we can, together, best serve the needs of the People of God within and across our works in a particular region.
  • We recognize that your perspective is unique and helpful in the positioning of Jesuits in our works.

Some Missioning Priorities for Jesuits:

  • Ministry with Native and Yup'ik peoples, as well as with migrants, prisoners and other marginalized communities. Such work is vital to our identity as Jesuits and our work in the West.
  • Assignments to advanced studies to add intellectual depth to our ministries or to lead to significant research and teaching.
  • Ministry in service of the larger Society, especially in the formation of Jesuits, conference positions and in the Roman houses.
  • Ministry in the faith formation and transformative education of the young, especially young adults.
  • Assignments to address particular unanswered needs identified by Church leadership.

Preferences for Missioning Jesuits to an Institution:

  • Positions that support cooperation across works in a region or advance the effectiveness of apostolic networks.
  • Positions that assist an institution in deepening its lgnatian character and help animate the Spiritual Exercises at the leadership level of our works.
  • Positions that leverage an institution's resources to serve the poor and vulnerable.
  • Positions of ministry in multicultural and multilingual settings, e.g., Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog.
  • Positions that promote dialogue and mutual understanding among those who are estranged socioeconomically, politically or culturally.

Overview Vision, Mission & Values Statement for Jesuits West
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