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Staff Members

Provincial Office
Fr. Scott Santarosa, SJ, Provincial
Fr. Michael Gilson, SJ, Socius/Executive Assistant
Fr. Alfred E. Naucke, SJ, Province Secretary 
Erin Walker, Praesidium Program Manager/Executive Assistant to Socius 
Judy Boyer, Receptionist

Secondary and Pre-Secondary Education
Tim Caslin, Provincial Assistant for Secondary and Pre-Secondary Education
Michael Chambers, Associate PASE 

Higher Education
Fr. Bob Neihoff, SJ, Provincial Assistant for Higher Education
Gina Cowley, Administrative Assistant to the Provincial Assistant for Higher Education

Fr. Tony Sholander, SJ, Delegate for Formation 
Claribell Revelez, Associate For Formation and International Ministries
Maria Wheeler, Administrative Assistant for Formation and Vocations 

Fr. Christopher Nguyen, SJ, Director of Vocations
Fr. Chanh Nguyen, SJ, Vocation Promoter
Maria Wheeler, Administrative Assistant for Formation and Vocations 

International Ministries
Fr. Theodore E. Gabrielli, SJ, Provincial Assistant for International Ministries
Claribell Revelez, Associate For Formation and International Ministries

Social Ministries
Fr. Michael Bayard, SJ, Provincial Assistant for Social Ministry and Planning

Social Ministries Organizing
Annie Fox, Provincial Assistant for Social Ministry Organizing 

Health Care
Arnie Shafer, Provincial Assistant for Health Care
Diane Sparks, Regional Health Care Coordinator, North
Lisa Bishop-Smith, Regional Health Care Coordinator, South
Fr. Ignatius Ohno, SJ, Delegate for Senior Jesuits 

Parishes and Spirituality
Fr. Christopher Weekly, SJ, Provincial Assistant for Parish and Spirituality Ministries 

Fr. John Martin, SJ, Treasurer
Sheila M. Yrure, Executive Director, Business Operations and Administration
Winie Tunggono, CPA, Accounting and Finance Director
Elena Verano, Staff Accountant
Lisa Aarseth, Payroll and Benefits Administrator
Mary Pen, Accounting Assistant, Accounts Receivable
Chester Wu, Accounting Assistant, Accounts Payable 

Information Technology
Br. Jeffrey Allen, SJ, Director of Information Technology
James Bui, Information Technology Associate 

Br. Daniel Peterson, SJ, Archivist 

Advancement Office
Siobhán Lawlor, Vice President for Advancement & Provincial Assistant
Fr. Samuel P. Bellino, SJ, Director of Legacy Planning
Roman Deveras, Mailroom Services and Office Assistant
Laurie Gray, Senior Philanthropy Officer, Northwest
Barbara J. Gunning, Regional Director of Advancement, Southern California and Arizona
Lorina Herbst, Graphic Designer
Anne Holloway, Philanthropy Officer, Northwest 
Grace Melendrez, Associate Director of Database and Gift Administration
Fr. John P. Mossi, SJ, Director of Benefactor Relations
Ryan Ignatius Pratt, PT Administrative Assistant to the Senior Philanthropy Officer
Tracey Primrose, Provincial Assistant for Communications
Michelle Sklar, Senior Philanthropy Officer, San Francisco Bay Area
Janelle Williams, Administrative Assistant 


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Jesuit Retreat Center of Los Altos
The Jesuit Retreat Center of Los Altos has offered prayerful solitude and inspiring vistas to those seeking spiritual rejuvenation since 1925.